Tuesday, 9 June 2015

New things 09/06/15

 I always go through fazes when it comes to blogging. I find it takes a lot of time and effort to create a post and get everything together properly. And I think that is the reason why it never sticks with me, and that I lose interest quickly. I then find once I've not been blogging for a while I get the urge to, and then it is often short-lived.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not promising anything spectacular here, just a means for me to get a bit of creativity and writing out of my system. And if I keep at it, well then I keep at it! So please excuse the quality of the photos in this post. I had a short window of time on my lunch break to take them in and they were taken under tube fluorescent lighting. the colours aren't true to life. I will do better next time I promise!

This first post I just wanted to dedicate to a few new things that I have purchased recently. I've been on several shopping trips for various reasons, and indulged a little. I had been on a bit of a spending ban and trying to be more careful with my money and spending. The first trip was to Tunbridge Wells to see a friend who I really don’t get to see often enough. We had a long catch up over coffee and cake, and then unleashed ourselves on the shops. My main goal for the shopping trip was to get a few skincare items. I went to the Clinique counter in the boots store there, and 50 something pounds later I came away with two products. I wasn’t overly pleased with the fact that the counter assistant started filling out her sales sheet before I had finished paying for my items, and it wasn’t even like she was rushed off her feet and wouldn’t be able to complete it after I had left! I bought the pore refining solutions correcting serum and an exfoliator

So far, so good. I have noticed a difference in my pores and I am making sure that I use it regularly in conjunction with my skincare routine to continue to see the effects. The only slight qualm I have with it is that I am not quite happy with at what point in my skincare system I should be applying it. It doesn't feel great before moisturiser or after. Suggestions please anyone?

I went to Bluewater for the first time ever for my boyfriend’s daughter’s birthday. She wanted to go on a shopping trip somewhere, so we thought going somewhere different would be more fun and interesting for her. I had a couple of things on my list that I wanted to have a look at. One of those items was the bare minerals ready pressed foundation

I had been matched to it when I was in Tunbridge wells, but hadn't bought it. I was really impressed with how it lasted and wore throughout the day, so I bit the bullet and bought it. I like the idea of a pressed powder foundation as I need quick products to use first thing in the morning. I like the idea of mineral makeup for the good stuff it does to your skin, but I just don’t want anything to faffy (yes that is now a word!) for first thing in the morning. This is proving to be a good purchase so far. I am using my Elf powder brush to apply this. I also picked up a couple of other things in boots whilst I was perusing the aisles. I found this nail polish by butter London called petrol

I splurged! I have never had a polish from them before, and I also loved the look of it. For anyone that doesn't know I have been brought up surrounded by the motor industry and I work in it myself. So the inner petrol-head made me buy it! I also picked up this new Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in petunia. I saw an Instagram post of Fleur de Force’s before this was released and vowed and declared that I had to have the colour when it was released. I haven’t worn it yet, which just goes to show how much I really wanted it, but the makeup hoarder in me couldn't help it! 

I had a day off on my own (me and my boyfriend normally have the same day off together), which doesn't often happen, so I went into Crawley and did some early morning retail therapy and pampering. I went to the benefit counter in boots and there was not a single member of staff that wanted to come and help me at all, so I quickly left and went along to Debenhams and was instantly greeted and asked if I needed any help. I ended up having my eyebrows waxed and tinted as they had a promotion in May that all proceeds went towards women’s charities. Whilst I was there I also picked up hoola bronzer, as I had tried this when I was in Bluewater. I wanted this as it seemed like a good option for contouring, without spending shed loads of money on expensive kits and products that were just not the right colour for my skin tone. Update on this product soon as I haven’t tried it yet.

I went to a local town with my boyfriend’s little girl Jess when we had a day together recently whilst her Daddy was at work. She wanted to go somewhere that she hadn't been before, so I took her somewhere that I haven’t been to since I was in college and wasn't too far away. The superdrug there had a Revolution counter so I picked up this iconic pro 1 palette, which I believe is supposed to be a dupe for the Lorac one. 

I liked the shades in this one, and wanted to try some more of their products, so that coupled with the makeup hoarder problem made me buy it! I also picked up this sculpting set of real techniques brushes. I am all about the contouring at the moment, so these seemed like a brilliant set to buy. I haven’t got any of their brushes and wanted to try some.

So enough rambling on now! Have you bought anything recently that you are enjoying, or splurged on something you've had your eye on for a while? 

xx Sophie xx

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