Monday, 20 May 2013

Brain Farts

The title of this post relates to this video. I urge you to watch this before you carry on reading the post!

So basically, I am having a bit of 'writers block' shall we say??!! I have literally no idea what to blog about. So instead of leaving my blog empty for days, I thought I would share this funny video with you, whilst I think of some blog post ideas!

Also, if you have any ideas for me, or if there is anything in particular you would like me to blog about, then please let me know! Leave a comment, email me, tweet me. Anything! I am open to requests and suggestions.

I am about to go on study leave, and sit my final A Levels, so I am a tad preoccupied by my studies. So if I am even more absent than I am at the moment, that is why! I also bought myself an iPad mini the other day, it was something I had been thinking of buying for a while. I finally took the plunge, and I LOVE IT! If you would like a separate post on that, let me know.

I am still vlogging every day, so be sure to check my youtube channel out here. My vlogs are quite boring, but I am sure once my exams are over and done with they will get a little more fun and interesting! Check out my latest video I did here. It's the Book Collectors Tag if you're interested.

xx Sophie xx

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Now I have mentioned before how much I LOVE books. In my 25 facts about me post I told you that I have about 233 physical books on my 4 bookshelves. Yep, you heard right. I have FOUR bookshelves! So I thought I might do a little post, delving a little more into my love of books and reading.

So lets start with a photo of, what I like to call, my TBR shelf. These are all the books I have to read still, and that is only the physical copies. I have loads on my Kindle that I still haven't read!

Now there are 45 in that picture, but I have started Divergent by Veronica Roth since I took this picture. So technically, I only have 44 unread books! That still seems so like many to me. I think I have problem...

I've been in a bit of a reading slump for the last few months, and with a lot going on with life and college etc. reading wasn't exactly my first priority. However, in the past week i have read 2 books, which is good for me as I have a lot going on at the moment. I read 'The Fault in our Stars' by John Green, and 'Breath' by Sarah Crossan. I have just started Divergent. (I really dislike the English cover, a LOT)

And so far so good. I am really enjoying it. I do hope that the pace picks up a little more though. Finding it hard to sit down and just read it. I can only seem to manage lots of short bursts at the moment. I don't know why.

I couldn't do a book post, and not mention my Kindle. (That is my fave screen saver by the way!! Yes I did sit and lock and unlock it until that one came up!!)

I was dead set against the Kindle when it first came out. I hated the concept, and thought how would I ever get on with not having a physical book in my hands with physical pages to turn. And then I changed my mind and had to buy one! And now I couldn't imagine not having it in my life. (I think I should name my Kindle, I like naming things! Any suggestions?) It really is amazing how kind of out of date it is now, and I haven't even had it for a year yet. In hindsight, I probably should have waited a little longer before I bought it. I paid £89 for this beauty. And the one that has replaced it is only £69. But hey ho! 

The one thing I would say though, is be wary with the prices of kindle books. I thought they were gonna be a lot cheaper, and should have done my research before buying. But there isn't a huge difference. The main thing for me is the fact that it is small, compact, and a lot easier to carry around than a book. Plus you can carry round several on the Kindle in one go! It is perfect for travelling, when you don't want to have to pack multiple books. It is also good if you are like me, and want a break from your current book. With the Kindle it makes starting a new book possible.

So here is my little ramble about books and my Kindle. If you want me to do any posts related to this one, then feel free to comment and request.

Hope you enjoyed,
xx Sophie xx

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How much does my face cost?

My friend Letti did this post (check it out here), and when asking her for some blog ideas today she said I should do it too! Basically, you list all the make up you use on your face every day, in order to make yourself look presentable, and add up the prices, seeing how much your face costs. Not gonna lie, this might make me feel kinda sick!!!
Here are my face products, the base.

I don't wear foundation everyday, I just make do with concealer and powder to cover up most of my imperfections. I find this works well for me, but I will wear a foundation if it is a special occasion or if I feel like I need just a little more coverage some days.
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer - I apply this under my eyes to cover up my disgusting dark circles, and on the odd spot too if I feel it really needs it. Really like this concealer as it gives really good coverage. £4.19
  • Rimmel Stay Matte powder - I have a more combination to oily skin, so it is important for me to wear a mattifying powder to keep me as shine free as possible. Not that keen on this one, think it is overpriced and that you get the same results from the Natural Collection powder. Plus that one is cheaper! £3.99
  • Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzing Powder in Light Matte - this bronzer is a really good colour for me. I just lightly dust it on using the '3' and 'e' method. It just helps to give more shape to my face. £5.59
    This is the brush I like to use with the bronzer. It's just nice and big and fluffy, and never applies too much product.
  • Collection 2000 Blush in Trouble - This blush is just really nice and shimmery and gives me enough colour to make me look human! I think this step really makes me start to look awake, and dare I say it, glowy! £2.99
  • MAC Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown - I use this on my eyebrows and it's brilliant. It's the perfect colour to define them, but doesn't make them look too dark. This is also very long lasting, and lasts all day for me on my brows. £12.00
 These are the products I use on my eyes.

As you can see, I don't wear eyeshadow. I do like to on the odd occasion, and if I am going out for the evening. But mostly it's just mascara and eyeliner for me.
  • Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara - This is the one with the fibers in it. I really like the volume and length it gives to my lashes. However, where my lashes hit my brow bone throughout the day, I do tend to get some transfer onto my skin. The panda look is never good for anyone! £7.99
    (Here is the wand)
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil (what a mouthful!) - I have this in the shade 'Stormy Grey' and it just looks so much better on me than a black eye liner does. It is a lot softer, but just gives my eyes that extra bit of definition that they need. Here is a swatchy swatch for you! £2.99

Next is my lips. Most days I am pretty uneventful when it comes to lips. But I do enjoy wearing statement lips every now and then. I like to rock the red lip! But fuchsia is a firm favourite too.

  • Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm - I put this on after I moisturise my face, so that by the time I have finished putting my make up on it has all sunk in nicely and my lips are nice and soft. This is my favourite lip balm, nothing else seems to come close enough! £1.65
  • Barry M Limited Edition Lip Gloss - I picked this up in the clearance section, and have worn it nearly every day since. It's just a nice gloss that adds a little sparkle and shine to my lips without being over the top. Plus it was a bargain! 50p
So that is all the makeup I use on my face most days. Here is a picture of me. I don't think I am wearing the eye liner, and the lip gloss had worn off by this point. But apart from that I have all the other products on my face!

Excuse the messy, and slightly ginger looking hair!

So you're probably wondering how much my face costs now. Drum roll please........
To tell you the truth, I thought it would be more than that. Not too bad after all! I think this is due to not wearing eyeshadow on a daily basis, or foundation.

Why don't you try this out and see what your face costs?

Hope you enjoyed,
xx Sophie xx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Top 5 Books to Movies Tag

Hi guys.
I have seen this tag going around the 'booktube' community on youtube, and thought it would be a great idea to do it. But I decided to do it here on my blog. The concept was created by a youtuber called xObsessedReaderx. You can check out her original video here.

So basically the gist of the tag is that you pick the top 5 books that you think should be made into movies, and explain why you think they should. I have also added a little section on the end, just to spice things up a little bit. I added a section for book to movie adaptations that I thought were really not good, that I didn't enjoy, or that I thought should be done again! But all is explained for each example in that section!

1) I heart... Series by Lindsey Kelk.
 This series is just brill! I think the concept of the series will just translate really well onto the screen, especially the first book in particular. I also think it would be really relateable for a lot of views, seeing the development of the main character Angela portrayed. It's always been a dream of mine to go and explore round New York, and to travel to all the places that Angela goes to in the series, so this series has always been so fun and interesting for me. I would definitely go and see it at the cinema if it was made into a movie, and I would make sure I bought the DVD too as soon as it came out!

2) Chasing Daisy by Paige Toon
Now I got this book in the charity shop, and I can't even remember what made me pick it up off the shelf and read the blurb, but as soon as I read the back of the book I knew it was a perfect book for me to read. It's about a girl, called Daisy, and she is a hospitality girl for a Formula 1 team. Now if you know me, you will know I love Formula 1. I could live vicariously through reading the book, pretending I was there as part of a team, watching the racing. The book is mainly a romance, and I think it is just a perfect story to be made into a film. I think, if the movie was kept close enough to the story in the book, that it would also be the perfect film for couples to watch. Not too romancey, but enough car action to keep the guys interested ;).

3) The Diary of a Chav series by Grace Dent
These books are just hilarious, and to be honest, I think these will stand the test of time with me. I am sure I will be able to read these books in 10 years time and still laugh like a drain! I don't even have to read them in order anymore, I just pick up the one I feel like reading. They are a great pick-me-up, and never fail to put a smile on my face. Now, the only snag with this choice, is that I think that these books will be hard to make into a film, and to really get it right, if you know what I mean? Perhaps this choice would be best suited to a TV series?

For some reason from her on I couldn't upload anymore pictures to the post. I will keep trying. You will have to made do with Amazon links until I can get this sorted out. Sorry! (It's a shame as I spent quite a long time making sure all the pictures were just right!)

4) Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Now this book is just a really fun book, definitely a summer read. Which makes me feel like it would be a great book to make into a film, and one that should be released in the summer! The idea of capturing a road-trip on screen just sounds really fun. And the fun nature of the book would make the film enjoyable to watch. I also think that the growth of a relationship between the characters as well would be really interesting to see on screen, and see the underlying slightly 'darker' elements to the story would be interesting too.

5) Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson

Now I was reluctant to include this one, as there is a part of me that feels it would be much better suited to a TV series rather than a movie, but I had to include it anyway! I think a TV series would just work better with the development of the story. It is a bit of a head bender, which is perfect as it could be drawn out through several episodes if it were to be put on TV. Amazon lists it as a psychological book. I found this really interesting, and if portrayed in a certain way, could be made into a thriller kind of movie or TV series. Definitely one that I would watch. 

I recommend all these books if you haven't read any of them. They are all firm faves of mine!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

25 Facts About Me

I thought this post would be a good idea, in order for anyone reading to get to know me a little better. So here are 25 facts about me! By the way, this took a while to think of 25 facts, I guess this is because my life is just too boring!!
  1. My name is Sophie, I was born on the 23rd October 1994 (that makes me 18 by the way!)
  2. I have an older brother called Tom. I call him 'Nipple', don't ask it's a long story! He's 22 and just got married.
  3. I have only ever lived in one house, and I still live there now! I am dying to move out of the tiny village I live in!
  4. One of my biggest ambitions in life is to get married and have children, but not yet. I do want to live a little first, and find that special someone!
  5. I love pretty much all things Motorsport! Britsh Superbikes, Moto GP, Formula 1. Its' the only kind of sport I watch, and I really enjoy it. Here is me meeting Brisith Superbike legend Chris Walker
  6. ...I love dressing up for a night out. Dress, heels, makeup all done nice. A lot of people when they see me, and I tell them I like Motorsport don't believe me!
    That is my friend Lizzy on the left, and me on the right.
  7. It's a dream of mine to one day have a full bike licence, and of course own a bike!
  8. I'm not sure what I want to do career wise, but I want to be successful in whatever I end up doing. I want to do well for myself basically!
  9. My favourite colour is red!
  10. I own roughly 233 books. And that is just the physical copies. I own a lot more on my kindle. I think it's safe to say that I love reading!
  11. I am a HUGE procrastinator. Prime example being that I should be doing college work right now, not writing this.
  12. I can't stand peas, mushy or garden. Yuck, disgusting!
  13. I really enjoy baking. I make a mean lemon meringue pie ;)
  14. I have never been on an aeroplane, or out of the country. EVER! I don't even have a passport (don't worry, that is being sorted!)
  15. I literally sing ALL the time. Even if someone is talking, and says something and it's a line in a song, I'm off and there is no stopping me!

  16. I bruise so easily, and I'm really clumsy. Not a great combination really! By the time a bruise appears I have forgotten what I did, as I've done something else as equally painful since.
  17. I HATE it when you are talking to some and you can tell that they're not listening.
  18. I overuse the exclamation mark all the time!!!
  19. When I was at Primary school I played the recorder and the violin.
  20. I am a Godmother. My gorgeous Goddaughter Ella is 3 years old, and the most adorably person in the whole world.
  21. I have a pet fish with only one eye! His name is Mr Tiggy Winkle.
  22. I can't stand feet!
  23. I have my books alphabetised on my bookcase by authors surname. I even have my DVD's alphabetised by title. However, I am an extremely untidy person, and I can't seem to really organise any of my clutter!
  24. I am an extremely emotional person. I have even been known to cry at a TV advert before!
  25.  My favourite take-out has to be Chinese every time. Give me duck in oyster sauce any day and I'm your girl ;) !!
Hope you enjoyed and found this every so slightly interesting!

xx Sophie xx