Monday, 3 June 2013

May Favourites

I am so sorry that I have been such a bad blogger. To be honest, I don't really even have a good excuse. Just been feeling a bit down and stressed out, and blogging hasn't exactly been my priority. Anyway. On a brighter note, I recorded and uploaded my May favourites to youtube the other day.

It wasn't a very long video, with not that many favourites, but I just needed something to film and it seemed like the best option!

As I mentioned in the video, I am planning to go to London in the last week of June, so hopefully that will mean there are more products to be in my next few favourites videos. Also, I have been doing a big clear out of my makeup collection. So hopefully I will be able to show you a new collection and storage video soon. If there are any things you think I should look out for whilst I am shopping in London, then please leave them in the comments. If you know of any really great places that I have to go to, that would be greatly appreciated!

I am about to sit some of my final A-Level exams, so I have a lot on my metaphorical plate at the moment, but as soon as they are over expect to see a lot of me! I do however need some ideas of what you want to see on my blog. You can tweet me, comment or even email me with any ideas or suggestions.

Hope you are all doing ok.

xx Sophie xx